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Helping to develop your child’s conversation skills #5

20 August 2021

Conversation Practice:

  • Have a conversation with your child about something that interests them (e.g. what they did on the weekend, their favourite food).
  • Play Who Am I? with photos of people the child knows. Your child needs to ask questions to help work out who they are. For example, “Am I a grown-up or a child? What colour hair do I have?” You answer questions and give clues. Your child guesses and checks the photo to see if they are correct.
    • Make it easier: Use four characters to choose from and show them to your child before you begin. Provide clues and give suggestions about what to ask.
    • Make it harder: Don’t show any of the photos first.
  • Praise your child for showing good listening skills in conversation with adults and peers (good sitting, good looking, and good thinking).
  • Ask your child to think of nice things to say about their family and friends (e.g. “What do you like about your friend ____? When you play what does she do that is nice?” “She is good at running. She has a lovely smile. She is kind.”). Ask your child to tell that person the nice things they came up with.