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Allied Health Assistant therapy

An allied health assistant is a healthcare professional who provides support to patients and families in a variety of settings. They may work in hospitals, clinics, or community health centres. Allied health assistants typically have an associate's degree from an accredited program.

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Important factors for Participation in Allied Health Assistant Services

For speech pathology to be effective in supporting development of your child’s mental health and development, the following factors are important:
Frequency of Practice

Ideally, daily practice with your child will be required. Three practice sessions per week would be considered a minimum. Without sufficient practice your child is unlikely to progress in skill development and in the long term this may in turn lead to a decrease in motivation.

Specific Practice

Practice should focus on the specific goals and materials that have been set in therapy sessions by your child’s therapist and allied health assistant. Other forms of practice, such as incidental practice are not likely to be as effective.


In order for your child to develop and extend new skills, feedback on practice attempts is required. This feedback should typically be delivered as labelled praise. Labelled praise will specifically let your child know what was correct about the attempt and will provide motivation and encouragement to keep trying.

Child Motivation
Child motivation is required for practice to be successful. If your child actively resists practice, it is less likely that the new skills being targeted will be successfully incorporated. Persevering despite this resistance may reduce the possible impact of any future therapy attempts.
Attendance at appointments

As the focus of the service is on training and supporting you, you are required for all therapy appointments. If you are unable to attend, please ring 03 413 992 86 or email [email protected] as soon as possible.

Therapy Materials
Therapy materials will be provided. In some cases additional materials may be beneficial to purchase. Using the recommended therapy materials as intended will help your child to develop their skills.
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