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Helping to develop your child’s sentences #1

18 July 2021

The key idea is that to build sentences you need:

  • a person (e.g. girl, boys, man),
  • an action (e.g. painting, splashing, building, knocking), and
  • an object or place (paddling pool, sandcastle, door, fence). 

Sentences Practice:

  • Use pictures to help the child make long sentences with a person, an action, and an object or place
  • Make it harder: use the ‘and’ to join 2 sentences, each with a red, yellow and orange element. For example, The boy is splashing in the paddling pool and the girl is building a sandcastle. Talk about whether these sentences are silly or sensible.
  • Make it harder still: build a short sentence and use the ‘because’ card to get children to think about why it might be happening.
  • Play barrier games with your child (put a barrier between you / the players so that they can’t see what the other person is doing). Practise understanding and giving directions, for example take turns giving directions to colour in a picture the same way. Check the pictures at the end and decide whether they are the same or not.
  • Make it easier: break down the directions into shorter sentences.
  • Make it harder: take turns to give instructions to each other. Start with a blank piece of paper and get them to draw a picture or shapes based on your instructions.

Helping to develop your child’s sentences #1 blog audio