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Helping to develop your child’s sentences #2

26 July 2021

Sentences Practise:

  • Add an adjective. Take turns with your child to come up with describing words (adjectives) for an object (e.g. get out a fork. “A fork is…grey” “A fork is…metal”, “A fork is…long” “A fork is…sharp “A fork is…hard” “A fork is…thin”). Try to come up with lots of describing words for the object.
    • Make it easier: Prompt or ask questions e.g. “What does the ball feel like?”
    • Make it harder: Take turns with your child to add describing words into a sentence (e.g. get out a ball. “It’s a big ball.” “It’s a big blue ball.” “It’s a big blue bouncy ball.” “It’s a big round blue bouncy ball.”) Again try to come up with lots of different describing words for the object.
  • Tell me what to do. Play a game where you tell each other what to do using directions (e.g. “Run to the door.” “Jump up and down.” “Touch your head.”)
    • Make it easier: Use a toy or puppet to give the instructions or carry out the actions.
    • Make it harder: Ask your child to make longer sentences by adding an extra description e.g. “Touch your nose with your thumb” “Walk to the door quickly” “Jump up and down four times”, etc. You take the first turn so your child gets the idea.