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Helping to develop your child’s vocabulary #4

18 August 2021

Vocabulary Practice:

  • Take turns with your child saying all the things that you know about a word, e.g. ‘pineapple’. Use the word magic word map to explore the information you both know about the word. Go through the different questions on the word magic word map and write or draw pictures to represent your child’s answer. Repeat the information as you go through it.
    • Make it easier/harder: Ask additional prompt questions, e.g. “What colour is it? How big is it? What does it feel like?”
  • Get photos of places, show them to your child, place them face down on the table, and mix them up. Describe one of the photos without naming it, e.g. “I am in a room in a house, this room has lots of cupboards, a sink, and an oven. Where am I?” You child has to guess and say one other thing that you might see in that place.
    • Make it easier: When describing, have all the photos face up so your child can see them. Keep your descriptions short and give key information.
    • Make it harder: Make the descriptions longer or more ambiguous so they need more clues to be able to guess. Take turns and ask your child to give at least a certain number of clues, e.g. “You must give at least 3 clues”.
  • Complete word map/word web activities with your child based on new words or school words.