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Language therapy for children with ADHD

19 April 2023

Language therapy can be a helpful tool for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) who struggle with communication and social skills. At our NDIS child therapy business, we offer individualized language therapy services to help children with ADHD improve their language and communication abilities.

What is Language Therapy for Children with ADHD?

Language therapy for children with ADHD focuses on developing communication skills, improving language comprehension, and enhancing social interactions. Children with ADHD may struggle with communication skills such as understanding spoken language, staying on topic, and using appropriate tone and body language. Language therapy can help these children learn to communicate more effectively and understand social cues.

The goals of language therapy for children with ADHD may include:

  • Improving communication skills, such as initiating conversations, maintaining topic, and using appropriate tone and body language
  • Developing receptive language skills, such as following directions and understanding concepts
  • Enhancing expressive language skills, such as using appropriate grammar and vocabulary
  • Improving social communication skills, such as taking turns and understanding social cues

Language Therapy Techniques for Children with ADHD

There are many different language therapy techniques that can be used for children with ADHD. The most effective technique will depend on the individual needs of each child. Here are a few examples of language therapy techniques that may be used:

  1. Social Skills Training Social skills training involves teaching children with ADHD how to interact appropriately with others. This can include using appropriate body language, maintaining eye contact, and understanding social cues.
  2. Executive Function Training Executive function training involves teaching children with ADHD how to use problem-solving strategies and self-monitoring techniques to improve communication skills.
  3. Narrative Therapy Narrative therapy involves helping children with ADHD develop their storytelling abilities. This can include using storytelling to improve language comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar.
  4. Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) AAC systems, such as speech-generating devices or picture boards, can be used to help children with ADHD who have difficulty with verbal communication.

Language Therapy and the NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides funding for children with ADHD to access language therapy services. At our NDIS child therapy business, we provide comprehensive language therapy services for children with ADHD, including assessments, individualized therapy plans, and ongoing support for families.

If you have a child with ADHD who is struggling with communication or social interactions, language therapy may be able to help. Contact our NDIS child therapy business today to learn more about our language therapy services and how we can support your child’s communication and social development.