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Our values

11 April 2022

SLCN values

Mission: To build a world-leading childhood interdisciplinary therapy service

Purpose: Supporting learning, development, and functional capacity for children with needs

Our organisation has a set of values that reflect our core beliefs. This helps us be a rewarding and positive place to work and deliver therapy.

We live our values every day to help us make decisions that are right and deliver clients our purpose.

They unite us in our shared passion for driving social change, so people with disability have choice and control over their lives.

We value people

We put clients at the heart of everything we do


  • Work to understand and address our clients’ needs
  • Deliver on our promises
  • Empower and invest in our people
  • Are proud of our workplace and the work we do.

We grow together

We work together to deliver quality outcomes


  • Collaborate to work as one for better outcomes
  • Build inclusive and respectful relationships
  • Communicate honestly, clearly, proactively and consistently
  • Acknowledge and celebrate our successes.

We aim higher

We are resilient and always have the courage to do better


  • Look for solutions and are determined to improve
  • Commit to setting and achieving measurable goals
  • Proactively look for, reflect and act on feedback
  • Speak up when corrective action is needed.

We take care

We own what we do and we do the right thing


  • Take responsibility for what we do and how we behave
  • Look after the safety, health and well-being of ourselves and others
  • Anticipate and raise risks and take appropriate action
  • Deliver our work to a high standard.

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