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Story Champs

24 July 2022

Story Champs is a language therapy that helps promote the storytelling skills of diverse students. The primary focus of Story Champs is on the development of a strong oral language foundation through storytelling and it also promotes other aspects of academic language that are essential for school success through information retelling, vocabulary learning, and writing.

Story Champs helps students' language ability and literacy skills. One of the most valuable aspects of Story Champs is its focus on developing oral language skills. Through storytelling, students are exposed to a variety of language experiences that they can then apply to other areas of their academic lives.

For example, students who are able to effectively tell a story are also better able to retell information from a text, an important comprehension strategy. In addition, the act of storytelling itself helps students to learn new vocabulary words and to understand how to use them in context. And finally, students who are skilled at telling stories are also better able to write their own stories, another important literacy skill.

Story Champs is a powerful tool that can help all students, but particularly those from diverse backgrounds, develop the language skills they need for success in school and in life. If you are looking for a language intervention that can make a real difference in the lives of your students, check out Story Champs.

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