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Westmead Feelings Program 2

24 July 2022

Develop your child’s social and emotional skills, including identifying feelings, perspective taking, social problem-solving, and managing feelings. The program uses emotion based learning to teach children with autism spectrum disorder about emotional understanding and social awareness, in close collaboration with parents and teachers. It is for verbal children with autism spectrum disorder aged 8 to 14 with no intellectual disability. Children will read and write and can pay attention for at least a few minutes at a time. The program has a feelings kit with workbooks, reusable worksheets, and feelings strength bars. There are three modules in the program with a child workbook for each module. Each module is seven sessions with a one hour parent online training session at the beginning of the module then five 30 minute online parent sessions once a week and then another one hour parent online training session at the end of the module. Modules run during school term. See flyer Parent A4 Flyer 2021 or for more information.