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Helping to develop your child’s conversation skills #6

26 August 2021
  • Copy cat. Ask your child to copy a gesture or phrase you show them e.g. waving your hand, smiling, or saying “Good morning”. Your child must then copy the gesture or phrase. Take turns with your child.
    • Make it easier: Use pictures of gestures.
    • Make it harder: Try a series of two or three gestures or a combination of a gesture and phrase to keep making it more complicated.
  • Spot the difference. Tell your child that you are going to change something about your appearance and you want them to tell you what it is. Ask your child to close their eyes or leave the room. It’s best to start with changes that are pretty obvious e.g. take a shoe off, turn a jumper inside out, etc.
    • Make it easier: Ask your child to change their appearance and you guess.
    • Make it harder: As your child gets better at the game, you can make the changes more subtle, e.g. roll up one sleeve higher than the other.
  • Nice person. Ask your child to think of nice things to say about their family and friends (e.g. “What do you like about your friend ____? When you play what does she do that is nice?” “She is good at running. She has a lovely smile. She is kind.”). Ask your child to tell that person the nice things they came up with.