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Helping to develop your child’s stories #5

25 August 2021
  • Three good things. Ask your child to think of three good things that have happened to them that day, week, or weekend. It can be very simple things, e.g. “I played on my bike. We had fish fingers for dinner. I went to see my grandma.” Ask your child to think about a character. This can be someone they have made up, a friend, or a cartoon character. Then they have to imagine what would happen if that character did their chosen three good things. Help them to make up the story by asking story questions (who, where, when, what happened, how did people feel).
    • Make it easier: Use your own examples of good things as a model. Tell the children who the character should be. Use the story picture cards to support the storytelling.
  • Group story. Make up a story together using the story words (when, who, where, what doing, the end). Take turns adding one story part to your shared story. Give your child examples if needed and go over the story you and your child are saying as you build up the story together.
    • Make it easier: Miss out specific story words. When and why questions are harder and not always necessary. Give lots of help and ideas of what can go in each category. Some children might need to be given choices for each option.
    • Make it harder: Include why questions. Give less help to build up the story.