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Helping to develop your child’s conversations #2

9 August 2021

Conversation Practice:

  • Practise introductions with your child by saying their name and something they like, e.g. “My name is Jo and I like chocolate”. You may need to give your child support at first, e.g. “Tell me something you like to eat/play/do”, etc.
    • Make it harder: Ask your child to think of something that begins with the same letter as their name, e.g. “My name is Raj and I like robots”, etc.
  •  Play a likes and dislikes game with your child using objects. They should stand close to the object if they like it and move far away if they don’t like it. Ask your child to explain why they stood close or far away. Encourage them to exchange points of view with others, e.g. “I don’t like the jumper because it’s too small.” “I like beans because they fill me up”, etc.
  • Ask your child to find out more about their family and friends (e.g. “Your favourite ice cream is strawberry. What is your brother’s favourite ice cream?”). Encourage a conversation about that topic and other shared interests.
  •  Praise your child for showing good listening skills (good sitting, good looking, and good thinking).
  • Ask your child to think of nice things to say about their family and friends (e.g. “What do you like about your sister? When you play what does she do that is nice?” “She is good at running. She has a lovely smile. She is kind.”). Ask your child to tell that person the nice things they came up with.