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Helping to develop your child’s stories #4

13 August 2021

Storytelling Practice:

  • Ask your child to identify a ‘who’ or ‘what doing’ word in a sentence or story (e.g. ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ is a who and ‘walking’ is a what doing.
    •  Make it easier: Use pictures with the sentence or story to help your child identify ‘who’ and ‘what doing’ words.
  • Practise sequencing stories / routines with pictures, using sentences to explain the story, and retelling / acting out the story after it is finished.
    • Make it easier: start by showing the children the picture cards and asking them to describe what’s on each one. Then ask, Which picture comes first? Next offer a choice of 2 pictures and ask, Which comes next? When they’ve got the hang of this, make the task a little harder by asking them to order all the cards on their own.
    • Make it harder: mix up all the cards and see if the children can put them in the right order, then tell you the sequence.