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Helping to develop your child’s vocabulary #3

12 August 2021

Vocabulary Practice:

  •  Ask your child to describe objects or pictures.
    • Make it easier: take the first turn to demonstrate how to describe the object without naming it or to help children with clues about what to say.
    • Make it harder: ask your child to give the sound the word begins with or another word that rhymes with it.
  • Ask your child to describe a person in a photograph or picture without naming the person.
    • Make it easier: some children might need a bit of extra help to think of words to describe others, particularly younger children. You might want to give them some clues, such as: What colour is their hair? What colour are their eyes? What do they like doing? What do you like about them? Is it a girl or a boy? or simpler still, Is their hair brown or blonde? Do they like football or dolls?
    • Make it harder: have the children think up their own ideas of who they will describe (they should tell you first in case they need help).